Introduction to the Website


Welcome to the DesiGamers. We at DesiGamers try to solve all the problems that you have. The problems can be related to Game Development and Game problem solving or anything like that. We will try to solve all the problems that you have related to the Games. It can be:

Game Errors

Game Developing which includes:

  • Character Modeling

  • Character Creation

  • Garment Creation

  • Rigging

  • Facial Rigging

  • Animation

  • Game Development Softwares

  1. Autodesk Maya

  2. Autodesk 3Ds Max

  3. Marvelous Designer

  4. Unreal Engine4

  5. World Creator 2

  6. Reallusion Character Creator 2&3

  7. Daz Studio

  8. Unity 5

  9. Reallusion Iclone 7

  10. Autodesk Mudbox

  11. Autodesk AutoCAD

  12. Zbrush

  13. Substance Designer

  14. Substance Painter

  15. Adobe Animate

  16. Adobe Photoshop

  • Our Community

We try to make your problems solved and we try to help you out as much as we can. We are a big and growing community. Our Community contains many experienced game developers from varies companies. They are mastered and known by their skill. We have Game Programmers, Game Coders, Modelers, Architect Masters, Animators, Riggers. You can count on us to help you with your tasks. We are here to help you in any way necessary. We are really nice people. We always try to do what is best for our community. We hope that you will obey all the rules and ask us for help when you are in need. And to also help other people who are also in need of help in which things that you can help them in. In this way, We can create a better community.

  • Our Admins and Moderators

We also have experienced admins to help you out if the community fails to do so. Our admins are always active and ready to do what is right. You can report to our admins if you are having trouble in the community.
Our Moderators will try to fix any problem that we will have and you can help them by reporting anything, not permissible that is written in the rules.

  • Our Ranking System

We have a ranking system. In our ranking system, we increase the rank of those people who try to help other people out. We are all here to help each other and make each other work easier. If you obey the rules and help other people we will increase your rank and if you are lucky we can even consider to promote you based on trust. And if you don’t follow the rules we will be forced to decrease your rank but first, we will warn you for some time and if you still don’t follow the rules we will decrease your rank and even banned from the community.

You all must read the Rules because they are here for a reason.