Rules of DesiGamers


We make rules to benefit our community and to keep it clean from any possible danger. Our following rules must be applied at all cost or you will face the consequences. So the rules which are meant to be followed are given below:

  • Don’t spam. Spamming only damages our community and makes the work of moderators and admins harder. Spamming also causes the users on the website to find their way around hard. We want you to report any spammer so we can take quick action against him.

  • Don’t abuse. Abusing is strictly forbidden. Abusing can cause time-out to an abuser and can sometimes lead to banning the account. But if not stop can cause IP ban. So you must report any abuser so we can take quick action against that person.

  • The posting of any copyrighted material on our web site is strictly prohibited. We want you to report any copyrighted material and we would like you to not post any copyrighted material. Posting copyrighted material may cause the ban of the person who posted it.

  • Only post relevant things. You can only post things that are related. You can post your game bugs, modeling problems, original tutorials, game development related, etc. Don

  • Don’t Report for no reason. Only report rule breakers.

  • Don’t post on multiple categories about the same problem.

  • Don’t ask for multiple answers in one topic. Only ask about one answer per topic.

  • Don’t insult anyone or you will get your rank decreased. You can even get a timeout if you continue doing this.

  • Don’t ask about a different question on a different topic’s subcategory.

  • Only post same tutorials of the same software category.